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Business Law


Starting a business can be a fun and exciting experience. Let the attorneys of Hippenmeyer, Reilly, Blum, Schmitzer  & Fabian, S.C. help you and your business avoid the many risks that a startup faces. We can assist you from the start, with organizing an LLC or starting a corporation. We are there with you for the next steps, including reviewing your business plan, guiding through early stages and investments, and finally drafting or reviewing the contracts to bring your idea to market. Our attorneys have represented a number of startups and small to medium size business helping them grow and face current market and legal challenges.


Our attorneys want to see your business be successful. Whether your business is a startup or mature business looking for fresh advice, we can provide you with valued insight concerning the advantages and risk associated your decision or transaction. We understand the needs of business owners and want to make sure the law does not hinder your operations.


The level of service we can provide is up to you. From a single contract to an entire transaction, our advice can be tailored to fit your needs. Our attorneys focus on informing you about the risks involved and how to protect your business.


The details of any deal are crucial. Do not get caught off guard. Let us make sure you are protected.

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